\\The Whores of Winter

Game of Moans is an adult visual novel parody
video game. You take the role of a young
banished lordling who is stripped of his titles
and claims. You will then be tasked with earning
enough respect, coin and skill to gain something
greater for yourself.


“The Whores of Winter” is the first
public version of Game of Moans. It
features the explorable locations of
Winterfell (specifically the Keep, the
Marketplace and the Wolfswood) and the
characters that live there. You can
pursue questlines with Sansa and Arya
Stark. Future updates will expand on
the game in terms of existing characters
and locations while adding new ones as well.

+ Winterfell Keep added
+ Winterfell Marketplace added
+ Winterfell Wolfswood added
+ Prologue added
+ Rodrik Quest 1 added
+ Sansa Quests 1, 2 added
+ Arya Quests 1, 2 added
+ Bran Quest 1 added
+ Maester Luwin added
+ Merchant added
+ Hunting minigame added
+ Core functionality added

0.1.1 Fixes:

+ Performance Increases
+ RNG Alterations for the Auburn Rabbit (among other changes)
+ Save/Load Bug Fixes
+ Tooltips for Locations
+ Cleaner Font for Readability
+ Return Button on Map Screen
+ Inventory Size Increase
+ Location Time of Day Fixes (Storeroom + Sewing Room)
+ Smoother Transitions between Scenes
+ Scene Changes on Hunting Minigame
+ Expression Changes for some Scenes
+ Possibility to Gather Potion Materials again for Replayability
+ General Dialogue Changes
+ General Bug Fixes


To install the game, please follow the instructions included in the download.